Sports and technology are JJs favorite things.
JJ enjoying his time outside.


Since I was a little boy, I have loved sports. Honestly, what little boy doesn’t? From a young age I learned to throw a ball, kick a ball, catch a ball in every sport. My dad was a big fan of football, baseball and soccer, that meant I was a fan of those too. I realized early on that sports was really one of the “coolest things ever,” and I enjoyed being able to make my dad proud. As I continued into high school and into college, I continued to follow my love for sports. I even went to Boise State University on a sports scholarship. Sports were even more fun when I got to college. College is also where my second love really bloomed – technology.


I grew up with a old-school desktop. You know the kind, the big and bulky screens–much like the old televisions–I played games like Lemmings and Loom. Great games. Now the technology is double the fun. As I grew up, cell phones got smaller, while computer screens and tvs got slimmer. By the time I got college, technology was running around in every corner of life. Now there are laptops, smart tvs, spy apps and so much more. Technology makes the world easier and more accessible.

What is Accordion Planet?

Now isn’t that a question? Accordion Planet is an accumulation of the two biggest loves of my life. The first is sports and the second and technology. I want to smash the two together and bring them here, sharing the many details of what I experience. I hope to share my love of sports and technology with anyone who is interested. If you have any questions, comments or want to share something about sports and technology, I’d love to hear from you. Send me a message.