Best Sports Game Apps

Best Sports Game Apps

Smartphones, smartwatches, supercomputers, name it…technology over the years has grown by leaps and bounds that made life easier for us. It has made so much headway in all aspects of human lives that its development has made a very huge impact on how people do things. Not to be outdone, the gaming world has had its fair share as it continues to showcase the best sporting game apps for the young and old.

One truly great sports game apps that come to mind is Madden 19. Owned by EA Sports, this NFL game has been around for years and continues to be a much-anticipated console game among gamers. It’s played by fans and players alike. NFL players themselves get so much into the game that they get upset when their ratings aren’t as high as they think should be. Not to keep you waiting, watch out for these great features of the next Madden as these will keep your excitement level rising.


The improved graphics are always enjoyable to the gaming enthusiasts, and Madden 19 has this to offer every year. The recent Xbox One X give users an even more realistic experience. Gamers who want to get the best graphics possible would need an Xbox One X, a 4K TV, and an excellent HDMI cord. That would give them an incredibly immersive gaming experience.

Ultimate Team and Longshot

These are two features that definitely give the kick for console gamers…and you’re in luck gamers because Ultimate Team and Longshot are absolutely coming back on the next Madden. Although you will still have to spend money to gain these extra features in the Ultimate Team EA Sports, every penny will be worth it as these features will surely offer the ultimate gaming experience you want.

Trades and Free Agency

Another engaging and enjoyable feature of Madden 19 is the Trades and Free Agency. Yearly, trades and free agency are happening, just like in the real NFL season.  And wouldn’t it be exciting to play players on their new teams once they have been traded? This is also one of the things that keep people updating to the latest version of Madden. No one wants to play with a player who is on a team he no longer plays for.

That’s it for now…but we assure you that there really is more exciting features for you to discover with Madden 19…we just don’t want to spill the beans, to say the least, guys!