How To Make The Holidays Special For Your Kids On A Budget

How To Make The Holidays Special For Your Kids On A Budget

For millions of parents around the country, the holidays are a stressful time because they want to make sure that their kids have a great holiday but don’t have the extra money necessary for things like gifts, decorations, special holiday treats and so on. Some parents need to choose between decorating the house for the holidays and getting a Christmas tree or getting gifts for their kids to open on Christmas day. But having a tight budget shouldn’t mean that your kids can’t experience a great holiday. Here are some practical ideas from other parents with tips for making the holidays special for your kids even on a tight budget:

Shop At Thrift Shops

You’d be surprised how many people donate their artificial Christmas trees and other decorations to thrift shops. You can often find perfectly good Christmas trees and other decorations at thrift shops for a fraction of what they cost retail. You can also find nice brand name clothes there too which you can give as gifts. Since they’re brand name clothes your kids won’t be embarrassed to wear them.

Check With Friends And Family

If you haven’t checked in with your friends and family you should call them. Let them know you’re looking for Christmas decorations and a tree. Often people end up throwing out their old lights, decorations. Artificial trees without even thinking that someone they know might be able to use those things. And even if your friends and family don’t have any decorations or holiday items that they don’t need some of their friends and family members might. Our family was once gifted a gorgeous 12-foot artificial tree that retailed for hundreds of dollars by an elderly neighbor of my sister’s who didn’t want to bother with it anymore.

Make Decorations

You and your kids can make fun holiday decorations with just construction paper and basic craft supplies. Make paper chains and hang them around the room. Or take some posterboard pieces and wrap them in festive. Inexpensive holiday wrapping paper and hang them on the walls. You can make a lot of festive decorations with cheap wrapping paper and ribbon. Let the kids “wrap” their bedroom doors with wrapping paper and ribbon. They will love how festive it looks.

Make An Ornament Tree

Christmas ornaments are colorful and festive and usually pretty cheap around the holidays. If a tree just isn’t in the budget you can make an ornament tree to hang on the wall. Cut small dowel rods in different sizes to form a tree shape. Use removable hooks to hang the dowel rods in a tree shape on the wall. Make sure you leave plenty of space between each row. Then hang colorful ornaments in fun patterns on the tree. It will make the room look very jolly and it’s creative and artistic. If you have pets this is a pet safe tree that your pets will not be able to knock down.

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