Video Games: Madden 19

Video Games: Madden 19

Madden 19


There have been a lot of football video games over the years, including NFL Blitz to NFL Gameday. The first video game I played was on the classic Nintendo NES console. You could barely see what was going on. Thankfully,   gaming has changed as technology improved. Today there are more realistic NFL games than ever before. There are also so many amazing tech items to give as gifts

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Football Players Getting Ready

The one NFL game that has stood the test of time is Madden. Owned by EA Sports, Madden has been around for years and years. It’s played by fans and players alike. NFL players themselves get so into the game that they get upset when their ratings aren’t as high as they think they should be. Some even spy on each others text messages

The Next Madden


Thanks to the ability of console games, people are able to play Madden online with their friends very easily. This makes it even more fun to get into the action. If you enjoyed the last edition of Madden, you are probably itching for the next one to come out. It will come out at the end of the summer as it always does, just in time for the next NFL season. Here are a few of the features that people are looking forward to regarding the next Madden.



One of the exciting things to come each year is improved graphics for the game. The recent Xbox One X gives users an even more realistic experience. As long as they have a 4K TV of course. Someone who is wanting to get the best graphics possible would need an Xbox One X, a 4K TV, and an excellent HDMI cord. That would give them an incredibly immersive gaming experience. 

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Empty Football Field

Ultimate Team and Longshot


Two features that will surely be returning are Ultimate Team and Longshot. A good percentage of users were active in these features in the last Madden. Many people even spent money to gain these extra features in the Ultimate Team. EA Sports will bring back these features to keep making money off of them. And we will keep buying them. 


Trades and Free Agency


Another exciting change from year to year is playing with players on their new teams once they have been traded. This is also one of the things that keeps people updating to the latest version of Madden. No one wants to play with a player who is on a team he no longer plays for. If you enjoyed this check out my here one headphone review